Image announcing a post about New Structured Settlement Option from Vanguard Growth Mutual Funds.A structured settlement can now combine the tax-free benefits of an annuity with the growth potential of Vanguard mutual funds. The structured settlement’s value would then be able to grow as markets rise.

This new structured settlement option, called a “Growth Structured Settlement,” allows injured parties to put half their settlement into an annuity and the other half into Vanguard growth-oriented mutual funds. Structured payments from both the annuity and the mutual funds are distributed tax-free.

Attorneys can also take advantage of the program by structuring their attorney fees in this manner.

Some restrictions apply, and with any investment in the stock or bond market, there is the risk of losing money.

If you’re interested in learning more, please feel free to give me a call. If you’re going to the CAALA Las Vegas convention, we’ll be in booth 1024. We can set up a time to meet there.


Show Me The Money!
I’ll be speaking on a panel at the CAALA 39th Annual Convention in Las Vegas. The panel’s theme is “Show Me the Money!” We Have It, Now What? Post-Trial and Post Settlement Procedures.” We’ll be presenting on Saturday, September 4. I hope you can stop by. >> Info Here