Earlier this year, MetLife conducted a survey of employment lawyers to learn their views on structuring settlements. Here are the highlights.

  • Most employment lawsuits are settled out of court. Of those surveyed, 86 percent said that structured settlements can be a good negotiating tool and speed up claim resolution/settlement.
  • 81% were concerned that clients would deplete a lump sum settlement award too quickly.
  • Plaintiff attorneys always or sometimes encourage clients to meet with a tax attorney (86%) financial advisor (86%), certified public accountant (80%) and structured settlement brokers (73%) to discuss their settlement award.
  • 86% of plaintiff attorneys say they should be the ones to make the structured settlement recommendation to the client. When recommended by the attorney, 89% say their clients have decided to structure their award.

The main reasons plaintiff attorneys recommend structures for their client according to the survey:

  • Guaranteed payments,
  • Allows some immediate cash with steady long-term payments,
  • Won’t deplete the plaintiff’s award quickly,
  • Increases the value of the settlement with guaranteed annual income to cover the loss of the plaintiff’s job; covers monthly expenses,
  • Provides tax-efficient payments/reduces taxes.

The entire survey results are here.

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Pat Farber