California judges are becoming much stricter when it comes to how settlement funds are held and distributed in cases involving minors and incapacitated adults. Will Lindahl, executive director at CPT Institute and myself had the opportunity to write about the issue in the November/December issue of CAOC’s Forum magazine.

The article talks about three trust options that meet the stringent criteria of settlement funds disbursement in these types of cases: Special Needs Trusts, Settlement Management Trusts and Minor’s Settlement Trusts. Creating the right kind of trust is critical for families looking to ensure their injured loved one has the financial resources needed for a secure future.

Read the article here.

For questions about trusts for injured minors and incapacitated adults, please give me a call. Will can be contacted at 877-695-6444. He would be happy to answer your questions as well.

Pat Farber

Patrick Farber is a structured settlements broker with Atlas Settlement Group serving California. He works with attorneys to create structured settlement annuities for physical and non-physical injury cases. He provides support and advice during all phases of the settlement process—at no cost to attorney or client.

Will E. Lindahl, MBA,CLPF, is the Executive Director for CPT Institute a national charity with twenty plus years’ experience. He pro vides ongoing education and training for the legal community on protecting government benefits for the injured and at risk.

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