Post title photo for Patrick Farber's website post Most Americans Unprepared Financial CrisisSuze Orman, a long-time investment pundit, is sounding the alarm that many Americans are one emergency away from a financial crisis. In fact, a Federal Reserve survey noted that a $400 unexpected expense would cause financial hardship for 32 percent of American families. Coupled with today’s rising inflation, a large unexpected expense can be devastating.

Our current financial climate makes structuring a settlement very attractive. Guaranteed, structured annuity payments are spread over years, sometimes for the life of the injured party. Clients are assured that payments will always be made, no matter the financial environment or the ups and downs of the markets.

Because of today’s higher interest rates, returns on annuities are 4 to 5 percent depending on the duration of the benefit plan. And some annuities include built-in inflation adjustments. Structured settlements provide the peace of mind that is often needed in these unsettling times.

If you have questions about structured settlement annuity products including their current returns, give me a call.

Pat Farber

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