Below are illustrations of how structured settlements and annuities can help injured parties and attorneys better manage their financial needs over the long term.

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Worker’s Comp:
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52-Year-Old Man Suffers Upper Body Burns
A 52-year-old man suffered upper body burns when he was coated with molten plastic from a faulty plastic injection molder case. The machine was not equipped with pressure relief valves.

41-Year-Old Construction Worker Falls From Roof
A 41-year-old construction worker fell from a roof due to the negligence of a roofing supplier who failed to secure bundles of shingles onto the roof. The worker underwent spinal fusion and knee surgery.

35-Year-Old Worker Death
A 35-year-old worker died when the equipment he was standing on fell. Liability was established against the manufacturer and installer of the machine on which the worker was standing.

For more information on structure planning, please contact us.

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