Below are illustrations of how structured settlements and annuities can help injured parties and attorneys better manage their financial needs over the long term.

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Physical Injuries:
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16-Year-Old Teen Motocross Accident
A 16-year-old teen was practicing for a motocross race on a racetrack. He slammed the front tire of his dirt bike into a hidden rock. The crash severed his spinal cord and he became paralyzed below the chest. His racing career was cut short and now spends his time in a wheelchair.

16-Year-Old Teen Pedestrian/Auto Accident
A 16-year-old teen was hit by a car and suffered significant injuries that made it difficult for him to walk and use his left arm. His family has been able to purchase a specially adapted home to help meet his daily needs.

58-Year-Old Victim of Drunk Driver
A 58-year-old was a victim of a drunk driving crash. While on her way to visit her mother in Washington for her 85th birthday, she was rear-ended by a drunk driver going 90 mph. She suffered injury to her abdomen, and had to endure shoulder, back, hip and knee surgery over an extended period.

6-Year-Old Boy Bitten by Dog
A 6-year-old boy was attacked by a neighbor’s dog inflicting lacerations, punctures and fractured bones. The wounds resulted in disfiguring scars.

56-Year-Old Woman Injured in Grocery Store
A 56-year-old woman was shopping with her daughter. She reached down to select a product from a lower shelf when the shelf system collapsed on her head and neck, causing neck and upper back injuries. The shelf supplier and grocery store contributed to the settlement.

15-Year-Old Teen Suffers an Injury at School
A 15-year-old boy suffered an eye injury at school during gym class. A ball accidentally struck the boy in his right eye. The teen lost a great deal of his vision in the eye.

64-Year-Old Male Suffers Stroke After Using Over-the-Counter Cold Medicine
A 64-year-old male suffered a stroke after using an over-the-counter cough medication that contained the now banned substance phenylpropanolamine (PPA). The man used a single recommended dose of the medication for a runny nose and cough. After complaining of a severe headache, he was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a cerebral hemorrhage. He is now permanently disabled.

16-Year-Old Teen Trampoline Accident
A 16-year-old was playing on a trampoline with a friend.  As the boys bounced on the trampoline, the teen was struck in the eye by the elbow of his friend also on the trampoline. The teen suffered a fractured orbital bone and permanent double vision.

Worker’s Comp:
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52-Year-Old Man Suffers Upper Body Burns
A 52-year-old man suffered upper body burns when he was coated with molten plastic from a faulty plastic injection molder case. The machine was not equipped with pressure relief valves.

41-Year-Old Construction Worker Falls From Roof
A 41-year-old construction worker fell from a roof due to the negligence of a roofing supplier who failed to secure bundles of shingles onto the roof. The worker underwent spinal fusion and knee surgery.

35-Year-Old Worker Death
A 35-year-old worker died when the equipment he was standing on fell. Liability was established against the manufacturer and installer of the machine on which the worker was standing.

Medical Malpractice:
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71-Year-Old Woman Suffers Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
A 71-year-old woman suffered a severe traumatic brain injury causing major contusions, bleeding and swelling. The doctors did not want to operate because of her age. The woman now lives in a vegetative state in a nursing home where she receives custodial care.

52-Year-Old Father Undergoes Surgery, Suffers Catastrophic Brain Damage
A 52-year-old father underwent surgery to repair an abdominal aortic aneurysm. After the patient’s transfer out of CCU, he was not regularly monitored as required. As a result, he could not breathe and suffered respiratory arrest and heart failure. The patient was revived but suffered catastrophic brain damage.

35-Year-Old Female’s Sub-arachnoid Hemorrhage Misdiagnosed, Suffers Permanent Brain Damage
A 35-year-old female suffered from headaches, nausea, vomiting, blurred and double vision. She was told she had the flu. The pain continued for several weeks. Multiple health care providers failed to consider a sub-arachnoid hemorrhage as a possible cause of her suffering. The patient’s aneurysm ruptured, causing permanent brain damage.

11-Year-Old Boy Injured in Playground Accident; Misdiagnosed Foot Fracture
An 11-year-old boy was injured in a playground accident and was rushed to the emergency room. X-rays were taken on his foot but they were read as negative but, in fact, showed a fracture. After two months of continued pain, an orthopedist read the film and diagnosed a fracture. In the interim, arthritis set in which eventually required a joint fusion in the foot.

45-Year-Old Woman’s Misdiagnosis Leads to Mastectomy
A 45-year-old woman complained of a growth on her right breast that she was told was benign. No biopsy was taken or suggested. The growth continued to get bigger for another two years, but the woman was reassured it was nothing to worry about. A second health care provider ordered a biopsy, which came back malignant. This diagnosis led to a mastectomy.

30-Year-Old Woman’s Kidney Disease Misdiagnosed, Now on Dialysis
A 30-year-old woman was treated by her primary care physician for two years before she was diagnosed with renal insufficiency. The physician knew the woman had a family history of kidney had received results of blood work showing a consistent pattern of progressive renal insufficiency, the woman’s kidney function deteriorated. to the point that he now undergoes dialysis three times per week.

Tax-Deferred Settlements:
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50-Year-Old Male, Settlement for Lost Future Income & Pension Contributions
A 50-year-old firefighter was fired for allegedly making racially-motivated remarks. He sued the fire department for wrongful termination. The case settled prior to trial and an annuity was used to replace his lost future income and pension contributions.

37-Year-Old Female Worker On-the-Job Sexual harassment Case
A 37-year old female worker at manufacturing plant was verbally abused and subjected to obscene jokes. The abusive work environment caused many women to quit. Others were simply denied promotions when they refused to grant sexual favors.

43-Year-Old Male Attorney Structures $150,000 From His Fees
A 43-year-old male attorney structured $150,000 from his fees with a non-qualified, tax-deferred, monthly lifetime annuity commencing at age 55.

60-Year-Old Female Attorney Structures $250,000 From Her Fees
A 60-year-old female attorney structured $250,000 from her fees with a non-qualified, tax-deferred, monthly lifetime annuity commencing immediately.

46-Year-Old Male Attorney Structures $100,000 From His Fees
A 46-year-old male attorney structured $100,000 from his fees with a non-qualified, tax-deferred, lump sum payments at age 60, 65 and 70.

11-Year-Old Male, Case Involving Verbally Abusive Coach
A 11-year-old male was awarded $75,000 from a case involving a verbally abusive basketball coach. The constant bullying and verbal abuse at practices and games caused great damage to the boy. A tax-deferred education fund was purchased for the benefit of the minor.

Punitive Damages:
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35-Year-Old Male Killed by Drunk Driver; Wrongful Death Claim
A 35-year-old worker died when the equipment he was standing on fell. Liability was established against the manufacturer and installer of the machine on which the worker was standing.
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