pat-farber-traumatic-brain-injuryI’ve just returned from the CAOC seminar in Maui where I was the Program Sponsor and had the honor of speaking on deferred attorney fees. While there, I heard many informative speakers. One session that really stood out was by Brett Schreiber, a partner with Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire LLP. His topic was “Litigating Traumatic Brain Injury Cases.”

Brett noted that while working up a recent TBI case, he found literally hundreds of authoritative TBI clinical reports and research online. What is significant is that the material he discovered online was free. He did not need to go through the expense of hiring a TBI expert to obtain this information. One online document that is available at no charge is “Traumatic Brain Injury Survival Guide” by Dr. Glen Johnson, a clinical neuropsychologist in Michigan. Dr. Johnson’s work is a great resource for both litigators and clients suffering from traumatic brain injuries.

This is an instance where access to online documents can not only save on legal costs but also produce very favorable results. Thanks Brett for bringing this to our attention.

Click to download a copy of the TBI Survival Guide

Click here to download a copy of the TBI Survival Guide

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