spanish_speaking_structured_settlement_assistance_familyIn March 2014–a little over a year ago–a demographic milestone was reached in California. For the first time, Latinos made up California’s largest racial/ethnic group–nudging out the white non-Hispanic population 39 percent to 38.8 percent. According to the Pew Research Center, 33 percent of Hispanics in the U.S. say they do not speak English well.

Because of the demographic shift in population, we’ve made it a priority to create our documents in both English and Spanish. Our staff goes over the documents in Spanish with Spanish-speaking clients so everything is clearly understood. Here are PDFs of sample documents–in English and in Spanish.

Settling a claim can be a scary and confusing time for clients. By taking this extra step, we’ve found that clients who predominantly speak Spanish are much more comfortable and confident of their settlement decisions.

– Pat Farber

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