Case Studies Focus On Non-Qualified (Taxable) Settlements

MetLife has just put together three case studies to help plaintiffs better determine whether structuring their non-qualified (taxable) settlement proceeds is right for them.

Although there are many types of damage settlements that fall into the non-qual category, MetLife offers these case study examples:

  • Employment Litigation: Wrongful Termination
  • Punitive Damages Stemming from a Physical Injury Claim
  • Construction Defect: Class Action/Attorney Fees

In non-qualified assignment cases, structured settlement periodic payment obligations are transferred from the defendant or insurance company to an assignment company such as Met Tower Life, a U.S.-based entity.

The MetLife cases highlight the financial planning, guaranteed payment and tax planning advantages when plaintiffs use a non-qualified structured settlement. They also discuss defendant benefits:

  • Helping avoid a possible trial and its associated costs
  • Outsourcing liability management

Here’s a link to the case studies.

Please give me a call if you have questions about non-qualified structured settlements in general or a particular case.