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Historically MICRA (Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act) attorney fee and rate calculations were tedious, requiring reference tables and possibly complex calculations. Take the sting out of the process with our MICRA Calculator.

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“Makes MICRA attorney fee calculations a breeze! For any attorney out there using old school tables and references for California’s MICRA calculations, you should check this app out. Structured settlement broker Patrick Farber has simplified the process to entering the total settlement value and hitting the calculate button!”

Calculate MICRA Attorney Fees With Our Online Calculator
Use our online MICRA (Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act) Attorney Fee Calculator to compute rates. To use the MICRA Rate Calculator click the button below.

MICRA cap changes have taken effect on January 1, 2023. The new MICRA cap changes are governed AB 35. Under AB 35, MICRA caps will begin to increase annually. The annual increases are dependent upon the type of medical malpractice case.

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