10 Worst MajorsWith graduation season here, I thought you might find this news item interesting. A recent Yahoo! Finance article had some dispiriting words for those young people graduating with business degrees and a host of other majors who are finding that their new diplomas don’t lead to well paying jobs in their fields. While the article doesn’t deal with structured settlements, it does offer insight that could affect hiring practices and the decisions we make when it comes to our children’s education.

According to the article, here are 10 majors to avoid if hoping for a well paying job out of college. In some cases, a glut of graduates with the same major has saturated the market, while in other instances, there are just too few job openings so that finding a dream job even in the best of times would be difficult.

Business Administration/Management – too many grads at a time when big companies are hesitant to hire.

Criminal Justice – the crunch of TV crime shows may have fueled increased interest, but most of these jobs require more experience and technical knowledge than a major provides.

Drama/Theater Arts – few people can find their dream job in this tough industry so they end up in low-level positions while waiting for their big break.

Anthropology – interesting work but not much demand.

Liberal Arts and Sciences – many employers may be confused as to what kind of work graduates with this major can actually do.

History – most history majors become teachers, but school districts are cutting back on hiring.

Psychology – recent grads should expect to do graduate work before employers become interested in hiring.

Biology – grads can end up in lower-level research or technician jobs.

English – publishers and print media are suffering, meaning fewer jobs.

Economics – it’s basic supply and demand: in the current job market, the supply for economics majors outstrips demand.

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– Pat Farber

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