Very Few Americans Have Their Finances In OrderRecently, I came across a new USC and Center for Financial Services Innovation survey that indicates very few Americans have their finances in order. Most, in fact, are still struggling financially in spite of a healthy economy and low unemployment.

The survey showed that only 28 percent of American households feel they are in control of their spending, are saving enough and have rainy day funds for emergencies. Maintaining a strong financial footing can be even harder for those who often have to alter their career path (or stop working altogether) because of an injury. Gravely injured individuals are just hoping to survive and live a comfortable life. That’s where structured settlements come in.

Structured Settlements. As a structured settlement broker, I regularly attend mediations involving personal injury cases. I typically try to present mediators with options that help accomplish three objectives for an injured party: extinguish all debt, place sufficient cash in an emergency account and acquire a tax-free annuity that will provide the claimant and family members a guaranteed stream of income for the rest of their lives.

We live in uncertain times–where a dramatic drop in the stock market, a real estate bust or a natural disaster can wipe out a family’s financial security overnight. Unaffected by the ups and downs of the markets or even by what Mother Nature brings us, a structured settlement is one way to insure that an injured party’s finances will remain strong and protected.

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