Triumph Foundation: Helping People Conquer Life-Changing Adversity After A Spinal Cord InjuryAs a structured settlement broker, I meet many individuals who have suffered major spinal cord injuries. Life after their injury is filled with challenges that, at times, feel insurmountable.

Thankfully, those with spinal cord injuries have a strong advocate in their corner. It’s Triumph Foundation, a nonprofit group dedicated to inspiring and motivating people with spinal cord injuries to get better every day and to give them the tools and skills to overcome life’s obstacles.

Triumph Foundation not only offers peer mentoring, support groups, educational conferences, grants for adaptive equipment and exercise programs, it’s a recognized Paralympic Sports Club by the United States Olympic Committee. It’s committed to making active sports achievable to the mobility impaired.

Triumph Foundation’s co-founder is Andrew Skinner, who became a quadriplegic in 2004 after a snowboarding accident. Says Andrew, “When I became paralyzed, I saw many unmet health needs, so I started Triumph Foundation to fill in the gaps to help others who suffer traumatic injuries. People are universally unprepared for a traumatic injury, Triumph Foundation helps them rebuild their life.”

I’m proud to say that myself at and all of my staff at Atlas Settlement Group are helping Triumph Foundation achieve its goal: “Provide resources, hope and security to people living with paralysis–not just initially when the injury occurs, but as a lifelong support network.”

To learn more about Triumph Foundation, visit their site at the link above or check out this short video. It’s an inspiring organization.

– Pat

“Our programs are only made possible because of wonderful supporters like Atlas Settlement Group, who enable us to make quality of life a reality for people with disabilities.”
–Andrew Skinner, Co-Founder, Triumph Foundation

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