New Non-Profit to Provide Free Medicare Set-Aside Administration Beginning October 1A new not-for-profit group, the Medicare Secondary Payer Charitable Foundation (MSPCF), announced it will provide free Medicare Set-Aside administration for qualified beneficiaries starting October 1.
It’s no secret that Medicare Secondary Payer compliance is a complicated and ever-changing process. Incorrectly prepared settlements that don’t take into account Medicare Set-Aside requirements may mean plaintiffs could lose important Medicare health care coverage.

MSPCF says it will provide “all of the same services currently provided by for-profit administrators at no charge to qualified beneficiaries. Any CMS approved MSA over $25,000, from any vendor, payer, claimant or attorney, will be accepted for administration subject to the terms and conditions of the master trust and joinder agreements.”

MEDVAL, a Medicare compliance administration firm, has agreed to service the individual sub trust accounts. To request more information, go to
Medical Set-Aside Discussion in This Month’s The Advocate
For more on Medical Set-Asides, check out the September issue of CAALA’s The Advocate or read the full article here on “Preserving Plaintiff’s Medi-Cal and Medicare Benefits” discusses how to use pooled Special Needs Trusts and Medicare Set-Aside Trusts to protect an injured plaintiff’s public benefits eligibility.

The article was co-written by myself, Kevin Urbatsch, principal with Myers Urbatsch, P.C. in San Francisco and an expert on special needs and settlement planning for elder, minors and persons with disability (, 415-896-1500) and Jon Gunter, executive VP for MEDVAL‘s West Coast office in Irvine (, 888-SET-ASIDE). You can access the article by going to digital version of The Advocate.

For additional info on MEDVAL,  Myers Urbatsch, Jon Gunter, and Kevin Urbatsch use the respective tags at the bottom of this article.

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