CAALA Remote Business Solutions DirectoryThank you to CAALA (particularly Kwedi Moore) for giving us the opportunity to be included in the CAALA online Remote Business Solutions directory. The directory contains links to companies that are able to provide vital resources to CAALA members during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Years ago, I developed a contingency plan so my staff could continue to operate in case of a natural disaster (an earthquake was the likely scenario). A pandemic wasn’t on the radar. Nonetheless, the plan has enabled us to work remotely during the COVID-19 shutdown with the same resources and technology we use at the office. When you call, even during these unsettling times, you will receive the same timely, one-on-one service for all your structured settlement needs.

Annuity Yields Update. After a few tumultuous weeks in the financial markets, lifetime annuity yields remain impressive–between 2.4 percent and 2.8 percent double tax-free returns for personal injury clients. We saw these same yields a year ago. It’s a testament to the stability of the yield models used by insurance carriers.

Here’s a link to our CAALA listing. It includes staff emails and cell phone numbers.

As always, please feel free call with structured settlement questions


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