[pulledquote]Berkshire Hathaway is a name we all know and trust. It recently re-entered the structured settlement arena in a big way, but many may not know that it also comes out on top in the reinsurance market.[/pulledquote] Berkshire Hathaway’s reinsurance company, National Indemnity Company, offers investment vehicles in non-qualified, non-physical injury property and casualty settlements.

Reinsurance is a contract that is sold between insurance companies that transfers the obligation of one insurance company to another. They come into play when the settlement in question involves a property and casualty insurer. The markets for reinsurance include lawsuits involving workers’ comp, property damage, punitive damages and wrongful termination and other non-injury work-related injuries. The pricing is typically the same as that of an annuity product.

Reinsurance is yet another way to diversify a client’s settlement. National Indemnity Company, with its A.M. Best  A++ and Standard & Poor’s AA+ ratings and its assets to liability ratio of over 2 to 1, is a solid and safe provider of reinsurance products.

Berkshire Hathaway’s annuity-issuing arm also enjoys the same strong credit ratings. In fact, Berkshire Hathaway and New York Life are the two most highly-rated traditional structured settlement annuity providers in the U.S. Berkshire Hathaway is one of only a few U.S. insurance companies that offer both qualified and non-qualified structured settlement options for injured parties.

Patrick Farber : Structured Settlement ExpertFor questions about reinsurance and how they may fit in a client’s settlement mix, please give me a call or email.

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