From Robert Simon, The Simon Law Group:

As you know, adoption is cherished by Christine and me. We typically only focus on how much joy and happiness Remi has brought to us. But in looking at the adoption process, Remi has been given the opportunity to develop into the loving, funny and smart little girl she was meant to be because of the love of a nurturing family.

Unfortunately, according to statistics, around 400,000 children were in foster care in 2016 and there are around 140 million orphans globally currently. Robert and I were blessed that we could afford the process of adoption. However, there are hundreds of families who would love to adopt a child and be able to give them the love and support that every child deserves, but they cannot afford the adoption process.

To support the children, Robert and I have worked with foster care agencies for years. Then we learned about AdoptTogether and fell in love with the organization because they get to the root of the foster care system – getting children into the hands of families who are waiting to love them. AdoptTogether is the world’s largest crowdfunding platform for adoption. Every gift you give, brings a family one step closer to their child and that child one step closer to a successful future.

It would mean the world to us for you to support these efforts by attending this, or even better our annual event The Baby Ball. If you want more information on our spectacular event click the link

Our firm is sponsoring and chef Curtis Stone is cooking.

Thank you – xo, Chrissy, Bobby & Remi Rain